Clinell Spray Fogger Bundle with Bandana


CLINELL Spray fogger bundle

Clinell Antimicrobial Spray kills viruses including COVID-19 in 10 seconds. We have bundled it with a useful on the go fogging machine which emits a fine mist. Useful for hands and surfaces including door handles, steering wheels, money and phones.

TANCREAM’S bandana is a useful face covering which comes with a filter to help protect from COVID-19 and can be pulled up when entering shops, buildings and when travelling.

Clinell 100ml Spray, Fogger, Bandana all come in a gorgeous TANCREAM black velvet pouch.


CLINELL SPRAY is used in the NHS to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and many hospital acquired diseases.

Tancream is now offering the NHS approved solution to disinfection CLINELL!

CLINELL 100ml Antimicrobial Spray kills the virus in 10 seconds. We have bundled it together with an easy to use applicator fogging machine which cleverly emits a fine mist to allow continuous spray for hands, phones, wallets, surfaces, keyboards and when you are out and about on the go, door handles, steering wheels etc…

We have bundled the CLINELL with TANCREAM’S very own TANDANA BANDANA which comes complete with a built-in filter and UV fabric keep you safe from the UV rays as well as being a ready made face covering for use in shops and travelling where a mask is mandatory. Wear as a stylish necker when out and about then pull over your face for protection when in public areas and buildings.

This bundle is complete with a gorgeous TANCREAM Black Velvet Pouch with Gold Embossed Logo!

Makes a perfect protection present for someone you love!

Please note: The fogging machine is not a CLINELL product – use in a well ventilated room or outdoors

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