We love getting feedback from our customers, it’s lovely to hear how Tancream is helping transform people’s skin care routines all over the world, and helping people to better protect their skin from the sun. Take a look at some recent comments from our customers.

5 Stars

A lovely pal gave me some of this fabulous cream as a gift - I have used it as a daily face & body moisturizer to give me SPF50 coverage as well as a healthy glow along with all the other benefits for anti-ageing- it's fab, no streaks & it is my now favorite go to product

Debbie McGee
5 Stars

After being diagnosed with facial & ocular Rosacea 17 months ago i have struggled to find a product which my skin & eye area would tolerate. Since using Tancream I have found good coverage with no adverse reactions.
I would highly recommend this product

5 Stars

As a secondary progressive multiple sclerosis sufferer on tablets that have skin cancer as one side effect and as a sun worshiper i needed a sun cream with a high spf. A friend of mine recommended Tancream, so i googled, purchased - no streaks, silky smooth skin, natural tan, no red skin when exposed to sun, lovely product. Purchased more as very impressive and I am delighted with the product. Other people comment on my nice tan and are very surprised when I tell them it’s fake tan

5 Stars

I have lupus and connective tissue disease and like many others sufferers of these conditions I found the sunlight caused a flare of symptoms. One of the symptoms I got was a prominent red rash on my neck every time I went out in sunlight with my neck exposed.

Additionally like many lupus sufferers I was put on a medication called Azathioprine or Imuran and it’s essential to protect your skin from exposure to sunlight when on it.

I was miserable at being covered up with clothing or high UV protection products because I used to look and feel much better with a nice tan.

When I discovered Tancream I was really delighted… I got the high protection from the sunlight I needed plus a really nice colour – my rash has actually completely gone as a result of using Tancream and I know other lupus sufferers would love to know about it.

5 Stars

Having just moved to Kenya, I was really worried about the effects of the sun. I used Tancream for 2 weeks and have never before turned such an even and natural colour. To be safe I now simply stay out of the sun as much as I can as I know that I have the tan I want. Thank you.

5 Stars

Tan developed well, no streaks. Colour built up over my 10 day holiday and lots of people have commented on my tan since being back… if only they knew!!

5 Stars

OMG, this is just what I have needed all my life!

5 Stars

Lasted me the whole 2 week holiday – I reapplied it when going in and out of the pool so around 3 times a day. Plus top ups on my face and shoulders where I burn most!

5 Stars

Even though I was melting by the pool, I did not get any streaks! Amazing!

5 Stars

My friends all tried it on their faces, they loved it.

5 Stars

I usually get a heat rash on holiday. I didn’t this time! Thank you Tancream x.

5 Stars

It’s like you’ve reached inside my head and read my mind.

5 Stars

I loved it! I didn’t get prickly heat for the first time ever and didn’t burn my nozzle.

5 Stars

I didn’t burn, not even a little bit!

5 Stars

Tancream not only gave me sun protection it evened out my skin tone so I could go make up free.