Tancream 100ml

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Tancream |  SPF50 | 5* UVA | Self tan | Bronzer | Anti-ageing | Odour free | Streak free | Hydrating lotion | 100ml | Moisturiser | Buy Direct Tancream is a luxury multi award winning, clinically proven, dermatologist endorsed daily moisturiser with SPF and Fake Tan all in one 100ml bottle!


TANCREAM is a premium all-in-one daily moisturiser

SPF50 | 5* UV | Self tan | Bronzer | Anti-ageing | Odour free | Streak free | Hydrating lotion | 100ml


Use every day as your daily morning moisturiser.

Apply evenly using your instant bronzing colour as your guidance to application.

The luxurious hydrating lotion gives life to dry cracked skin and leaves a silky smooth finish.

Allow to absorb before dressing.


Wash hands after use, avoid contact with eyes, hair, fabric.

If adverse reaction occurs stop using the product.

If you have sensitive skin it would be advisable to carry out a patch test 24hrs prior to use.

For external use only.

Unlike other products Tancream does provide SPF50 & 5*UV sun protection but it is still advisable to avoid the sun between 11am-3pm.

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55 reviews for Tancream 100ml

  1. Anne Isobel Gibson (verified owner)

    Absolutely Love this Tancream, it lasted me so long, As i have only been using it on my face & Neck area. It also doubles up as a moisturiser & high factor sun cream and foundation cream,what more do you want! all in all this is not an expensive purchase.I have just received my great offer of buy 3 and get 50% off which i am absolutely over the moon about fantastic product Thank You so much xx

  2. Harish Ankam

    Brilliant product

  3. Annaliese Reid (verified owner)

    I am new to Tancream and I love it already! It applies evenly and smoothly and I am thrilled to have healthy-looking color on my face that looks natural. I am fair-skinned, so I have found that when I use it on my face every other day, the color does not become too intense. I count myself among other reviewers that would very much appreciate a lighter shade. I am also very impressed with the prompt, efficient service of the team–there is true attentiveness. I am very appreciative of the quality of this product and the care that accompanies it.

  4. Pamela Smee (verified owner)

    My husband saw this cream o Dragons Den this year and encouraged me to try it as I was diagnosed with skin cancer in 3 areas and had surgery in January thus year. I am very pale, blue eyes and come from a family of redheads, never sunbath as always burn from the slightest of sun exposer. I tried the cream which was lovely on my face and shoulders. My only concern was that it made my face too dark even though I only used a small amount so if I was to use it on a daily basis my face would be very dark which just isn’t me. I will def continue to use but not on my face as much unless on holiday. Could do with a lighter shade if possible. And for the price Will only use for special occasions. But absolutely loved it

  5. Ashley Fuller (verified owner)

    I watched the Dragons Den episode and immediately related to everything that was said!
    I have eczema and psoriasis, every cream I use gives me problems with very sore rashes!!
    Tan Cream is the only cream that doesn’t inflame my skin and all my sores vanish!!!!
    It’s absolutely amazing, please, please manufacture a night cream!
    I love the product!

  6. Sylvia (verified owner)

    I am fair skinned so this product combines all I need and I am delighted with your product. I have already recommended it to friends and would buy it again. I wish you every success and look forward to an extension of your product range.

  7. Sylvia. Thompson (verified owner)

    Saw a repeat of Dragons Den and ordered it straight away , it arrived within 3 days, great service. Used it and loved it so ordered another 4 for gifts and a spare for me. Again arrived quickly. My daughter used it and loved it too, she has eczema and allergies and it was fine. Gave one to my sister and she loved the colour on her face as said lately she can’t find anything that works Amazing how little you need to put on We are all really fair and don’t tan normally so this gives us a lovely healthy glow , moisturises and protects us from the sun. ????

  8. Catherine Edwards (verified owner)

    Bought this after having operation for skin cancer on my arm. Find it very creamy and easy to apply. Was excited to try it especially with the SPF50. However find it a little too dark on my face. Also too expensive to wear too many times all over my body so guess I will just have to cover up and save it for special occasions. It does have a slight strange smell.

  9. Alex (verified owner)

    Really pleased with this product. As a beauty product fanatic, I have tried and tested many products and am really demanding! It has improved the condition of my skin, reducing redness, scars and dryness whilst giving a lovely natural colour which doesn’t look unnatural on my pale freckly skin. Most importantly it is SPF 50 so no chance of burning in this hot weather. You do have to be careful not to get it too close to your eyes but thats true for any self tanner. Will definitely recommend to friends

  10. Paula (verified owner)

    During this lock down and blessed with glorious sunshine ,delighted to have discovered this tan cream . Excellent for my face , small amount goes along way and a lovely consistency to apply . Gradual healthy glow is a bonus . Highly recommend

  11. Sarah Butler (verified owner)

    I love this product!!
    As someone who has been diagnosed with Melanoma, sun protection is very important to me. The cream is very easy to apply and doesn’t leave streaks, unlike other products that I have used. My only criticism is that when my bottle arrived the cap was damaged so maybe a better container which represents the cost would improve this product.

  12. Coral

    It’s creamy, and protects your skin, I do love it but for me it is too dark (I’m pale) and there is just not enough for your money.
    Ladies, you could make this much cheaper and lighter (you know you can) but because people are buying it, you gain.
    Fab product but I simply cant afford it.
    I you want to protect people and actually care about people getting skin cancer, then reduce the price.
    Many thanks.

  13. Karen Meggitt

    Great lip balm, feels nice and luxurious.

  14. Emma cole

    The lip balm is brilliant. It’s now in my handbag permanently. Comes nicely packaged and smells devine.

    Thank you so much

  15. Jane Richardson (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the tan cream. I have always avoided using self tan on my face in case it goes streaky or blotchy, but this feels like velvet going on and gives just a hint of colour with no blotching or streaking. Also, a tiny amount goes a long way. Fabulous product.

  16. Rachel

    Received a free sample, I love the fragrance and would definitely buy one next time.

  17. Rachel

    I got a free sample of the lip balm and I LOVE IT!! Makes me lips feel really moisturised for a long time without feeling slimey!! I love the fragrance and would definitely buy one next time.

  18. Rachel

    I LOVE IT!!

  19. Jenny May (verified owner)

    Easy to apply.I am very pleased with the tan look on my face neck,legs,hands and arms.

  20. Janet Black (verified owner)

    I first used this cream, after a I bought at a promotion in a shop in Beverley. I have used it ever since. I am not a great fan of foundation as I have olive skin. The cream just makes me look healthy, and also has sun protection which is good. Have been using since my first purchase 3 years ago, and have ordered since on line. I would not use for body, as it would be too expensive.
    Thank you great product.

  21. Jean (verified owner)

    Good product, but agree with others that as a face & body cream the can is much too small, so makes it out of reach for many who would otherwise use it, so great product but far too expensive as body product.

  22. Joe Nordli

    Great stuff!

  23. Rachel (verified owner)

    I saw this product on Dragon’s Den and knew straight away that it was for me, so I ordered it there & then. I agree with the Dragons that it does have a slightly unpleasant smell & the packaging isn’t great, but as for the cream itself – WOW ! The smell soon disappears and the cream is fantastic, absolutely love it and I will be repeat purchasing. Thank you Tancream x

  24. Hazel Mead (verified owner)

    Congratulations on a great idea (I’m another skin cancer person) however was very disappointed as when I wore it on my face in hot weather and it melted a bit it stung my eyes VERY badly. So for me, £45 for a product I can only use on my legs, too pricey. I hope you do more research, I can wear nearly all normal tinted tan creams on my face without this problem and it was my face it would have been most useful on, so I am very fed up and feel I have wasted money.
    If/when you do sort out whatever stings the eyes, a 50ml tube would be good as a handbag face cream. Agree with others a choice of a slightly lighter skin tone would be good. I also think the packaging looks old-fashioned and naff. Sorry ladies, you may think this is classy but you would be better to get professional advice on what is classy. And it should be at that price. Look at good brands of make-up, say, Mac, or Yves St Laurent, simple is better. Although I am against excess packaging at that price you would expect a leaflet and box, not for it to be sent wrapped in not made-to-measure bit of bubblewrap, sellotaped together like something second-hand bought off e-bay.
    I think you do need to sort out these things pretty quickly as the big boy companies will be onto the idea of a high-factor tinted and self-tanning cream right behind you.

  25. JENNI LIDDIARD (verified owner)

    I never normally leave comments but felt customers would appreciate some subjective comments. Like many others I watched the Ladies on Dragon’s Den and thought what a good idea. Even though I wasn’t initially going to buy the product the following week I went to Cyprus and it was so hot that I spent most of the time in the shade and so hastily bought the product. I am very fussy about skin products as my skin is quite dry and I use Nivea all the time. I am fair and 60 and these are my subjective findings. I agree with the Dragons, the packaging is a bit old fashioned – but don’t let that put you off the product. Yes, some of us can smell a little fishy smell but it soon disappears. Yes, it’s expensive but you only need such a tiny amount if you are doing just face and neck that I think it will last for absolutely ages. Now for the finer details….I didn’t realise it had a tint in it too, I just thought it was a mild tanning agent. I always use serum and then cream, so it left me with the dilemma of which to use first. Had it not had the colour I would have used it under my moisturiser (because for me it is not rich enough on its own – but then my skin really needs cream for extra dry skin, I expect it is fine for other people) So I decided to use it about half an hour after the cream had sunk in and think of it as a tinted moisturiser with SPF ! I am not sure whether it manages to creep through my Nivea with the tanning agent (as I still have a little bit of natural tan left from my holiday) all I can say is that it really does make a difference ! My skin has a lovely healthy glow and I feel confident that I am wearing SPF and can use it all year round instead of my usual tinted moisturise in the winter. Well done Ladies! An amazing product, good value for money and I hope you go really far with this.

  26. Tamara (verified owner)

    Love the product. Doesn’t smell and drys really quickly

  27. Brenda Gore (verified owner)

    Very impressed with Dragon’s Den presentation. A brilliant idea combining two products in one. I have extremely fair, freckly skin and have to protect my face so this, for me, is perfect.
    One small drop is enough to cover my face and neckline and leaves a lovely subtle tan . If you consider previously buying spray tan and high end sun protection the price isn’t too bad.
    Maybe in the future there will be offers and vouchers for regular customers. Brilliant product.

  28. Anne Mason (verified owner)

    I have sundamaged skin and have been advised to use factor 50 sunscreen on my face.
    This product is the first I’ve seen which also gives me a healthy glow to match my arms and legs!
    Tancream applies easily, doesn’t streak, camouflages my uneven skin tone and has no nasties in it. It’s just brilliant!
    One reviewer mentioned that it was a little dark in tone for her. Being fair skinned myself I agree that, in the winter, it would be great to have a lighter tone but for now this is perfect.

  29. Joanne Morgan (verified owner)

    I love this cream. So easy to use, no smell and gentle tanning. Will definitely purchase again.

  30. Sharon Hart (verified owner)

    I saw this product on Dragons Den and could not believe what it does Being a Transplant Patient and also had skin cancer with the tablets I take the sun will affect more easy . I sent for this product and have tried it and it is Amazing I have a perfect Tan even on my Legs with no streaks . My skin is Amazing too soft and Glowing and I have a Good Factor50 all in one like advised by Medical Staff . This product is so true to its information wonderful tan and so easy to apply which I use a glove . I have recomended to all my friends and they have seen perfect results .

  31. Claire (verified owner)

    Excellent product that goes on easily and isn’t at all sticky. Gives natural looking tan to my fair skin. Fantastic that it has strong sun protection. I used it on my face and did find it migrated into my eyes as the day wore on and caused stinging/irritation. So I may not use it on my face again.

  32. Leanne Mcconnachie (verified owner)

    Great product sadly too dark for my pale skin. Hopefully you will release a paler tone in the future as sadly I cannot use it.

  33. Marjie kick (verified owner)

    This is truly the best product to have to protect my skin but still have a very natural tan.
    It is a delight to use with no smell,goes on very easily,but if you wear nail varnish you must use plastic gloves or tan mit to apply,if not it makes your varnish sticky.
    Will deffinately buy again.

  34. Diane Morrin

    At 52 years old, like most of us ladies looking for that miracle cure to aging skin I’ve tried and tested so many products. Being a bit of a sunworshipper in my younger days, has made me very aware of the damage the sun can do to our skin. I have been using Tan Cream for only a short time but already I can see the difference, In fact after only a couple of days I got complimented on how fresh my skin looked. Rejuvenated someone said. I have quite freckly skin, and I was really impressed with how even my skin tones looked, bright and hydrated. The 50 factor sun screen is a massive bonus also for me as I Like to keep my face out of the sun, but the instant bronzer makes your skin look like you have a natural tan. Over all very impressed with this product. A must for all us ladies.

  35. Maria (verified owner)

    Brilliant sun protection and tan! I’m fair skinned and the tan is very natural and gives a lovely glow! This product needs to be promoted more!!!????

  36. Cath Hockley (verified owner)

    I think this tan cream is wonderful. I have vitiligo all over and have always wondered what other sufferers do in the sun. I always looked very white with my factor 50 on. As a person who grew up thinking a tan was a healthy thing and could tan beautifully as a child and teenager, it made me feel bad. This has made me feel more normal! I’ve got brown arms like other people and I’m protecting my skin, which at worst would quickly blister in the sun. I still cover up a lot of my body with long trousers, socks and shoes, t shirts with collars etc, but I love this cream for how it makes me feel! Well done to these two ladies for pursuing their goal and for how well the tan cream is doing.

  37. Kerry Ann (verified owner)

    What a fantastic product; I would highly recommend purchasing it.
    I was a little sceptical about the product, in terms of the price and the contents; sun protection and tanning in one?! However, having used the product for approximately a week, I am completely satisfied and now have a lovely all over healthy glow. I have quite pale skin and burn easily; I used the product over the weekend when I was away in the south coast of the UK, with very warm weather conditions; out in the sun walking and so on all day long and I was not burnt at all! Amazing! The cream is easy to apply and soaks into one’s skin really well. I will happily use it as my day to day facial and body moisturiser as it is lovely and my skin feels and looks really healthy; minimal make up now needed. There is no nasty smell to the product and a little goes a long way; I think my bottle will probably last me a month to five or six weeks; so not really as expensive as I first thought! A very happy and satisfied customer, thank you so much to all involved with its invention. I am now looking forward to enjoying the summer fully protected!

  38. Jean (verified owner)

    Bought this for myself as I have fair complexion & burn easily, it was easy to apply & looked great on my husband who is darker than me but way too dark on me. Wish you made a paler one still with sunscreen. But positive result on him, especially as I paid for it !!

  39. Carol Bartram (verified owner)

    I’ve just used your wonderful product on my holidays and it was so easy to use and gave a super even colour. I’ll definitely be buying more for the next holiday as it saves time sunbathing when I could be sightseeing and enjoying the culture.

  40. Alison Fordham

    Such a fantastic product! My Mum introduced me to TanCream a while ago and it’s now part of my daily beauty regime. Providing glowing colour during the day and developing a gradual tan, I no longer feel the need to wear BB cream or full coverage foundation every day. Knowing my skin is protected from harmful rays, it has never looked more healthy. As a woman in her mid-twenties my skin can sometimes be prone to hormonal breakouts – TanCream has helped managed this and old marks from previous areas affected have disappeared evening out my skin tone! With blondie/red hair and fair skin, I know I am in the bracket of people prone to developing skin cancer and after having 3 changing moles removed, that were on the verge of becoming cancerous, I take my skin care very seriously. I also love fake tanning and having a natural, glowing colour.

    I could not recommend this product highly enough, it genuinely leaves you with healthier and more vibrant skin!

    A x

  41. Christine Robbins (verified owner)

    Having had a malignant melanoma removed almost 2 years ago, I now take much more care of my skin than I used to! Tancream has been the answer to my prayers for high factor protection with a tanning effect, in a lovely smooth and moisturizing cream. I feel more confident when I have a natural looking tan, knowing that my skin is being protected from the damaging effects of the sun. Thanks to everyone who made this product possible.

    Two questions;
    1. Perhaps a larger pack may be considered?
    2. Could a slightly darker tanning version be made available?
    Thanks again!

  42. Sharon Hough (verified owner)

    I bought this at the NEC after talking with the ladies on the stall. I’d walked past it earlier as I’ve been a little sceptical about tanning creams, but I decided to go back. SO GLAD I DID!! I love love love this product. So natural looking, my skin feels great after applying. I have not used tanning creams before and I was nervous about buying this but i really needn’t have been. A can lasts for quite some time so good value for money.
    Thank you Tancream team.

  43. Tessa Atkin (verified owner)

    Finally found a product that both tans and gives SPF protection. It’s always been my bugbear in the past that I’ve put fake tan on my legs so that they look presentable, but then I couldn’t put sun tan cream on top to protect them as the fake tan would go all streaky and weird.

    With Tancream all of that issue disappears! It is the best and easiest cream I’ve ever applied (and I’ve tried loads of different fake tan products!). It is so silky and the bottle applicator pump is really good quality. The cream goes on really easily and gives a lovely and very natural looking colour almost immediately and there is absolutely no horrible smell that so many fake tan products have.

    More important – this product has been a godsend for me this summer following some vein treatment on my legs. After treatment you are not supposed to expose your legs to the sun for a number of weeks, unless you have SPF50 sun cream on. With all this fabulous weather I had been avoiding the sun completely by wearing trousers or long skirts, but now with Tancream, I can have nice tanned legs, but at the same time know that my legs are completely protected by the SPF50.

    Fabulous product that I can’t recommend highly enough. It is quite expensive, but you certainly get what you pay for so if you are hesitating about buying this product, don’t, as you won’t be disappointed. When I think of all the money I’ve wasted on other fake tan creams (and didn’t rate) – I could have saved myself a fortune by coming to Tancream first! If only I’d found this website earlier!

  44. Debra Lynch (verified owner)

    I am a number one fan of this amazing product, it is so silky and easy to use, i apply to my face and neck every day and i am even using it instead of my every day moisturiser and foundation cream! I recommend highly to all my family and friends too!

  45. Rose Gould (verified owner)

    I firs t discovered this in a promotion last year close to where I live, and I have to say this is the best tanning product I have found. Even coverage, nice colour and being a Factor 50, suitable for my fair skin. Applies really easily – no faffing about. LOVE IT!

  46. Sophie Keogh (verified owner)

    Nice to find a product that does it all. I’ve got a very fair, redhead complexion and Tancream protected me all day, even with the sun directly on me. Just wish it came in a larger size than 100ml.

  47. Anne Carter

    So good my bottle disappeared when I stayed at a hotel recently!


  48. Gilli Brooks (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this new product. Other tanning products don’t moisturise like this & leave my skin with an unappealing snake effect & a nasty smell! Tan cream is quick & easy to apply, no streaks, no smell. I’m using it on my face every day instead of foundation. Its giving the protection I wish I’d used daily years ago! I’m not orange & been told I have a lovely healthy glow!! Highly recommend.
    West Sussex

  49. Cheryl Kennell (verified owner)

    I love this cream. I´ve tried loads of self tanning creams but they all have the same horrible smell except this one. It leaves my skin feeling soft but not greasy and no nasty streaks. Thank you!

  50. Madeline York (verified owner)

    A great product that I’ve been recommending to everyone I meet. I have fair skin so don’t tan very well but hate the smell and palaver of the usual fake tans. Tancream is a revelation! No smell, beautifully moisturising, high factor sun protection and a lovely natural colour. I already have my stocks ready for the summer.

  51. Dana Dowell (verified owner)

    U.S. fan here! We have an poor regulation system for our personal care products in the U.S. Only 30 or so ingredients have been banned or partially banned, so I’m always on the hunt for the best performing non-toxic products. I decided to try TanCream after the product popped up on a Google Alert email for safe beauty and I’m so glad I did! It only takes one use to fall in love. I purchased one bottle for myself and one for my boyfriend, as he’s always complaining about looking pale, never wears sunscreen, and has a high risk of skin cancer. This product takes care of it all! The cost is well worth it and a great deal, combining self-tanner, sunscreen, and moisturizer. I am officially a fan for life. Thank you TanCream!

  52. Hannah Cooper

    Having tried many other creams in the past, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first tried Tan Cream… but I’m absolutely made up with it. An all over, even natural healthy looking tan, but with the all important protection for my skin. Thank you very much, I love it 🙂

  53. Stuart Bailey

    First came across this product at the Great Yorkshire Show. A top class product. Would not consider using any other cream..

    That coming from a man must be a first..

  54. Dawn smith (verified owner)

    Absolutley love this product. It leaves your skin silky smooth with no streaks after been applied. Protection and a lovely colour its a girls best freind. Amazing i love it ????

    • Anne Carter

      So good my bottle disappeared when I stayed at a hotel recently!


  55. Hannah Gibson (verified owner)

    What an absolutely fantastic product and unbelievable to think it didn’t exist before! Well done to all involved in its birth!!! I love Tancream! It is so easy to apply and beautifully smooth to the touch. The slight colour as it goes on ensures you get even coverage for the self tan element and I’ve been going to work knowing that I’m protected from the sun as well as having a healthy summery glow! Several colleagues have commented on my skin asking what I’m using and so expect further orders, although you must surely be inundated with them due to how good this product is! I love that this one glamorous bottle rolls several other bottles into one – a moisturiser, self tan and most importantly, a high quality high factor sun cream! Just perfect! Thank you Tancream xxx

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