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Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Tancream UV Protection

86% of skin cancer is preventable with adequate sun protection.

If there was a cream that could prevent breast or prostate cancer… would you wear it?

This month is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, a month where we stop in our tracks and consider whether we are savvy in the ways that we protect our skin from the sun?

If we’re honest, life is so busy that looking after our skin from the sun can go amiss, but with these simple tips you can keep your skin safe:

  1. Check for any changes of spots or moles on your skin, specifically look for changes in size colour or shape
  2. Wear at least SPF 30 to protect you against damaging UV rays. The sun not only transmits UVA (which ages your skin) but also UVB (which burns your skin leaving it vulnerable). By wearing a high sun protection factor you are protecting it from harmful rays which are present even through cloud and not just when the sun is shining bright
  3. Remember your lips! Find a lip balm which has an SPF to it
  4. Stay away from sun beds!

With rates of skin cancer increasing faster than any other form of cancer, now is the time to look after your skin!

Gillian (our Founder) discovered a suspicious looking mole on the back of her leg just four years ago. Her GP fast tracked her on to the appropriate medical specialists who saw to remove the mole swiftly based on it being cancerous.

This experience motivated Gillian and co-Founder Katy Foxcroft to create a brand-new beauty routine for men and women around the globe today.

Heading abroad this summer?

Brits are even more likely to be sunburnt abroad, with almost half of people who have been abroad in the last twelve months getting sunburnt whilst away (46 per cent).

Skin damage caused by the sun and its harmful rays can happen every day of the year, so be sensible and introduce an SPF to your morning beauty routine.

Tancream, the World’s First SPF50 with Natural Gradual Tan, allows you to enjoy both looking and feeling great and it has anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties giving protection and perfection! Shop your summer essential now at

Stay Alert! We’ve found the best skin cancer charities in the UK. There are all sorts of fundraising events you can get involved in from coffee mornings to marathons!

Worried about a mole? Find a clinic near you to check it out for you.

Take the test:

Go to the professionals:


Saturday 5 May 2018:

Sun Awareness Event – Browns Department Store, York

Saturday 5 May 2018:

MelanomaMe Ball, Ramside, Durham –

Tuesday 8 May: Thursday 10 May 2018:

Beautyworld Middle East, Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai

Monday 14 May:

Fenwick York – Garden Party! Meet the Tancream Founders (11-3pm)

Thursday 17 May – Sunday 20 May 2018:

This Morning Live – NEC, Birmingham

Thursday 24 May: 

Summer Extravaganza – Hoopers Department Store, Wilmslow – both Gillian and Katy will be in store (12-3pm)