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Tancream and skin conditions


Wearing SPF50 daily is so important for most skin issues as the UV rays flare up & enhance them. That’s where Tancream comes in handy as your daily morning moisturiser as its not just an SPF50 it has a 5 star UVA sun protection in there so its gives you the best defence.  It has an instant bronzer that evens out the skin tone and a natural gradual self tan that leaves you with a healthy glow. It also has a very hydrating moisturiser which leaves your skin silky smooth.

We have had some great reviews from people with different skin issues…


The sun causes a flare-up of rosacea so dermatologists recommend wearing  SPF every day even on cloudy days. We have had great reviews from people with different skin issues using Tancream as it evens out the skin tone & reduces the redness.



Thank you Elaine for a lovely review 

I have been using Tancream for 3 day’s now and I’m so happy with the results already.  I suffer with really bad hyperpigmentation and rosacea, my face varies from pale white to really dark and finding a foundation has always been a nightmare. The summer months have always been the worse as it brings my pigment out. I use SPF 50 all year round because of my condition, but I can’t believe the difference Tancream has made to me already. It evens out all my different skin tones, I already feel less anxious about people looking at me and I know it’s going to get even better the longer I use it. My neck has always been white which makes my chest and face look worse, it’s already evened it all out, even the redness around my nose too. I’m so happy to have found this product so wanted to say thank you.”



This is when the skin has darker patches caused from excess melanin which you get from the sun.  These include age/sun-spots & melasma. This can be linked to hormonal changes in the body or other types can occur after an injury or skin inflammation such as cuts, burns or acne which can occur anywhere on your body. To avoid it or prevent it getting worse, sun protection is vitally important.

 “I suffer from dark pigmentation on my face. I normally have to wear a lot of foundation to cover it. I’m also very self conscious about it. Tried Tancream after reading a great review and I’m more than impressed. It’s amazing. So easy to put on, no odour, no sticky feeling and the result is fantastic. First time in years my skin has not been clogged up with make-up plus the added protection of factor 50 sunscreen. I’m so happy” 

Claire Morse


Lupus – is a chronic auto-immune condition that can cause inflammation throughout the body, this causes photosensitivity which means they are sensitive to sunlight & UV radiation so it is important to always wear SPF.


“I have lupus and connective tissue disease and like many other sufferers of these conditions I found the sunlight caused a flare of symptoms. One of the symptoms I got was a prominent red rash on my neck every time I went out in sunlight with my neck exposed.

Additionally, like many lupus sufferers I was put on a medication called Azathioprine or Imuran and it is essential to protect your skin from exposure to sunlight when on it.

I was miserable at being covered up with clothing or high UV protection products because I used to look and feel much better with a nice tan.

When I discovered Tancream I was really delighted… I got the high protection from the sunlight I needed plus a really nice colour – my rash has completely gone as a result of using Tancream and I know other lupus sufferers would love to know about it.”

Kim, Ireland


Vitiligo is a long term skin condition that causes patchy pigmented skin which often originates on areas exposed to the sun, so it is important to wear SPF every day. Unprotected vitiligo skin is highly likely to burn quickly as it does not contain melanin. Sun exposure might stimulate the vitiligo to spread in some people.


“Tancream has given my daughter the confidence to go out without tights – as a nurse I have tried everything for her but Tancream is just amazing it not only gives her sun protection but it evens out her skin tone as well, she is now using it every day as a daily face & body moisturiser – its great to see her love the skin she’s in.

Thank you for developing such a fabulous product.”

Jane, North Yorkshire

Eczema & Dermatitis

Eczema is sometimes called atopic dermatitis, which is the most common form. ‘Atopic’ refers to an allergy, people with eczema often have allergies or asthma along with itchy red skin.

“I was a bit apprehensive to try yet another product but a friend had recommended Tancream to me that has the same skin issue as me.  I applied it to my legs & even with just one application I could see the difference then after two I loved it. In fact it not only evened out my skin tone, it took away a lot of redness & itching. I’m hooked & now use it every day, all over my body even on my face. It has given me so much confidence I even wore shorts in the UK which I’ve never done before”.

Jo,  Norfolk

For more information about Tancream,

please follow us on social media 


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Is it me…?

Is it me?…



Just an average day in lockdown #2… my way of cheering up the zoom meets, the house of bored teens and coping with a mid life crisis (yes buzz is spelt backwards due to being applied in the mirror :))



I’ve sparked a debate with family and friends about winking… no winking is acceptable! All winks are inappropriate, sleazy or slimey! Obvioulsy, if you’re playing the game “Wink Murder”, it is allowed… other than that, totally unacceptable! Winking should be banned. So after this debate,  I have now single handedly ruined our favourite family Xmas movie… Miracle on 34th Street. Even seeing Richard Attenborough as Santa Claus winking has made us all cry out in horror…. sorry everyone!!!

What’s in my basket…?

At the risk of ruining everyone’s Secret Santa gifts this year… Every family should have a copy for times of loss, sorrow or just 2020! If you open this book at a random page and read the message… it will lift the spirit. Phrases like…

Charlie Mackesykeeps everything in perspective. Thank you Charlie!

The new me!

I’m manifesting the Joe Wicks mantra “I exercise to feel good, not look good”! I have gone from lying flat on my back with excruciating sciatica to walking everyday, running (debatable) twice a week and Pilates with my lovely friend Naomi via zoom (when I remember to log on!) I’ve been able to reduce the meds which is great, but now I have no excuse for my lunacy and insanity!

So this is interesting. Wim Hof has managed to clinically prove that ice cold experiences are actually healthy for you (providing you don’t die of hypothermia). I’m currently experimenting by turning the shower to cold and seeing how long I can stand under the freezing water. It’s getting longer and longer but I haven’t noticed any magic improvements healthwise! My experiment is still very new so I’ll let you know! Perhaps it may become my new obsession?!

What’s on my list…

I’m afraid, this year, we have decided no presents – we are following the John Lewis advert just “Give a little love”! After all, that’s all we need in life (and good health, and money!)

I don’t really want anything… I mean, I’d love to have what every girl wants – straight white teeth and a thigh gap! These two things are beyond Santa’s capabilities sadly.

Turns out the advert for laser eye surgery… *From £599 per eye… is only if you already have 20/20 vision… After an hour long consultation and eye test – My husband was quoted £7000 and my daughter £5000!! Wowzers! I’ll stick to searching all over the house to find my reading specs thank you or finding 3 pairs on my head…

When your children are definitely too old to decorate gingerbread men but do it anyway.

Foxcroft Xmas Card 2020

It’s probably gone straight in the bin in some people’s houses as it’s uncannily like the real thing!

Merry Christmas!



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New on the Blog


Now please bear in mind that the voice in my head currently has a strong Northern Irish accent, so it has… blame it on feckin Jamie Dornan from the Fall… Finally finished it, loved it, creepy, can’t go upstairs on my own!

The word Feck is not actually a swear word mother I promise. Ask my friend Emer, she put it to the test on many a school trip! Whilst watching The Fall I’m obviously thinking, hoping and wishing to be Gillian Anderson with her slightly too husky voice, long legs and great wardrobe – but deep down I think I’m more of the dark, dock martin wearing, little bit naughty and piercing my own nose before breakfast rebel! Gillian is obviously Gillian Anderson and I’m the weirdo!


Hot tub update

I think my husband’s got used to me on the meds… I casually called out to him I was getting in the dishwasher – he knew exactly what I meant! There are many similarities as it happens; it’s like a 30 minute, 40 degree spin cycle that knocks off your polish, your patches and probably your tan…

If we’re talking dishwasher analogies, I’m a like fine china coffee mug  (a bit pricey but can handle hot things) and he is a Pyrex pie dish! (a bit dated but you can take him anywhere)

Things I must google…

    • Do owls ever swoop into hot tubs? heard hooting noises and imagination runs wild in the dark!
    • Do pigeons ever dive bomb people in hot tubs?! As above with no excuse of dark!
    • Is it possible to cook a little when in a 40 degree boil wash! Well I’m made of mostly fat currently and that dissolves easily but not in this case!

One day I’d like to be…

One of those experts zoomed live into a TV studio to give my opinion on current affairs.. it’s never going to happen as I don’t have a really strong political viewpoint, I wish I did! It makes for a very peaceful home life but perhaps not required by the BBC. Right, becoming a world expert on a subject is going on my list! Please send in suggestions!

Autumn equinox

I have a new found love for star gazing… We have had the most incredibly clear nights where the skies were alive with satellites, galaxies and shooting stars everywhere  although it reminded me of being on a safari, transfixed trying to i-spy the elusive diamond rainbow – then everyone points and shouts there… did you see it? Of course I feckin didn’t!!! I now need glasses for long distance too! Or some +2000 binoculars!

As it happens I do know the BBC’s go-to subject matter expert in all things astrological and I think of her often when stargazing, wishing I could ask her about stars and satellites and owls and hot tubs!

Saw the most amazing rainbow the other day… they are truly spectacular when you see the whole thing – are you someone who chases the rainbow? Pulls the car over to take a photo or just find a spot to stare at it? Guess which I am… came out exactly as husband predicted!

You have not been charged for this print 🙂
Amazeballs in the sky

Recommended watching…

Recently watched a lovely little film called “Marvellous”. Really good and recommend as a quick feel good watch – don’t expect anything too Hollywood but everyone should have Neil’s philosophy of glass half full. It’s got the brilliant Toby thingy in it… I can never remember names!

Who watched the BBC’s drama ‘Us’ – OMG… I’m slightly concerned this is us! Intense, over thinking, smothering parent… yep! Also, who doesn’t say to their children be careful crossing the road or drive carefully when they get behind the wheel? And butter their toast and do their washing?! 🙂

The Home Edit on Netflix is recommended by my daughter – I saw a clip and it put me off! It’s a whole load of New Yorkers drooling over clean closets. I did however allow her to Home Edit my fridge and my kitchen cupboards… obviously!

Autumn Colours

Gillian has just been to the Med and I’m still on the Meds… so I decided on my own home edit and treat myself to a makeover.

Booked to have nails done ♥
Booked to have eyelash lift and tint ♥
Booked Pilates instructor ♥ big success!
Dyed my own hair! Disaster!

MOUSEY!  No-one has ever chosen to be mousey… it’s what home dye kits were invented for!  I’m a walking Farrow and Ball advert! Feck!

Social media

I really spend FAR too much time on my phone. Texts, Emails, Social media. Googling! Nowadays my phone kindly lets me know just how long I’ve been on.  I would have time to write, paint and read more books – when they abolish social media, I’ll have all that spare time I’ll finally be accomplished at something!

At the beginning of lockdown I was playing a little online bridge, leaning Spanish on Duolingo and now look at me… I’ve downloaded every app going and I’ve spent a whole Saturday listening to and bidding on things I neither need nor want and I’m now having flutters on the feckin Tote!


Tiered Lockdown…

I haven’t even finished the first one! Everyone is going about as if nothings happened I’m still in my pyjamas at midday and baking cupcakes! I think it’s a conspiracy – it’s because my back’s not better and I can’t even if I wanted to but I’d like to go out and dance in the street… I haven’t been “out out” since March! (except for a couple of birthday celebrations and they were heavily medicated & lubricated!)


Update on back..

It was injected into by the lovely Dr Armstrong or as I know her Philippa! A mum from school, she texted me the night before so I was thrilled!  Until I realised she’d be seeing me in my bra & pants, which because I changed my mind on my outfit for the third time before 8am, to my horror I had different coloured underwear on!! She’s so lovely she didn’t comment (she probably didn’t notice through the haze of mask & visor).  Anyway after a little prick so to speak I really didn’t feel a thing but sadly it’s not quite back to normal – early days I suppose. Feck!

Rare footage looking for conkers!

Things to do…

              • Start a new Behind the scenes TV Series called the Tandashians!
              • Obviously the Kardashians decided to quit when they knew I was becoming one of them!
              • Improve my piano playing (less Les Dawson more Lang Lang)
              • Improve my bridge playing (to keep up with everyone in my bridge group)!
              • Find a specialist subject for Mastermind or BBC News
              • Spend less time in front of a screen!

Things I will probably do instead…

              • Hot tubbing
              • Lie on Sofa (working)
              • Social Media
              • Find a shooting star till I’m in a cold tub
              • Be dive bombed by an owl! Feck!


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Women can experience different skin changes during perimenopause & the menopause which increases the chance of getting wrinkles.

Menopause & sun protection

Sun protection is a must for all skin types as part of your daily skin care, the younger you start using it the better quality your skin will be as you age.

Tancream gives you HIGH protection with SPF50 (the SPF prevents burning) with an ULTRA 5-star UVA protection (prevents premature ageing)

The drop in oestrogen causes lack of collagen production, which slows down as we age. Women in menopause lose 30% of their collagen in the first five years it then decreases around 2% per year.

The skin becomes thin & has a saggy appearance so we need to try and increase collagen production.


Menopause & the best products to use

Two great products are:-

Tancream daily moisturiser with SPF50, 5-star UV, instant bronzer & a natural graduals self-tan for face & body


The skin is also much more susceptible to sun damage so wearing an SPF 50 as part of your daily morning moisturiser is essential. Tancream is the perfect product, it not only gives you SPF 50, 5 star UVA sun protection but it also gives you an instant colour on application which evens out the skin tone & a natural gradual self-tan that leaves you with a healthy glow.

                Deborah Hirzel Classic Miss British Isles has worn SPF 50 for 20 years and says it has definitely helped her skin – she now uses Tancream to give her the protection & the glow.


NeoStrata skincare available through Aesthetic clinics:


The NeoStrata® ranges are designed to be the optimal combinations of potent anti-ageing skincare ingredients to address the multitude of skin conditions and ageing issues that we encounter in our daily lives.

NEOSTRATA® dermatologist grade formulas contain clinically-proven ingredients to help improve specific skin conditions and visible signs of ageing. The result of over 30 years of research and skincare science innovation, ensures that the products work synergistically to deliver optimal skin health.


For information on the topic there are some great recorded videos on Harley Street Emporium’s instagram page which covers the topic with specialists and doctors.


Menopause & exercise

Exercise is also very important for skin health as it trains muscle development which stimulates collagen production. It also prevents atrophy which causes skin sagging – try Nina Lancaster Busy Women Fitness on Facebook she has a wide range of different classes to join as well as Pilates and sofa workouts.

Nina is in the same age bracket, so you will see how amazing she looks, she is a great motivator & full of energy & passion.

‘I love using Tancream as my daily moisturiser, my days of exercise vary from training inside & outside so I know that I don’t need to worry about my skin. I have peace of mind that I’m always protected & I don’t need to use make up as Tancream also gives me a lovely glow’ Nina Lancaster

A good healthy diet is so important to ensure you get the Vitamins you need to boost your immune system which in effect looks after you from the inside. Please see our blog on “We are what we eat” here.


Do not forget to do your face workouts as well as your body. This book by Nadira Persaud is a great guide & is available from Amazon. Nadira is a professional make- up artist in London & works with lots of celebrities – she uses Tancream as a base for her clients before applying make-up.


Menopause & Oily skin

This menopause skin change occurs because oestrogen levels decrease and natural testosterone levels are no longer masked. This imbalance causes the testosterone hormone in our bodies to stimulate extra oil production.

If you do have a menopause skin change to oily skin, it is not all bad – women with oily skin don’t get as many wrinkles.

If you experience oily skin, you may also experience menopause acne which typically occurs because, when oestrogen levels drop, androgen levels remain the same. Tancream is perfect as it allows the skin to breathe & protects your skin – it is also Dermatology endorsed & clinically proven to prevent premature ageing.


Read some of our customer testimonials here:


Menopause & Sensitive skin

Menopause and sensitive skin can suddenly occur, reduced oestrogen levels are linked to high pH levels which cause skin sensitivity.

Make sure you moisturise regular with a non-fragranced product and one that allows your skin to breathe.

 Tancream is the perfect product to use as it is fragrance free and glides easily on the skin


Menopause & dry skin

This occurs because of the oestrogen levels dropping which decreases collagen production and an increase in pH levels.

Low collagen levels mean that our skin won’t produce as much natural oil, so it will become dry and flaky.

Tancream is the perfect product to use as a daily moisturiser as it is very hydrating, scientifically proven & dermatology endorsed

‘You are in charge of your face & body from the inside out’


‘Always wear an SPF in your daily skin care to stay forever young & use Tancream as your daily moisturiser.’


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A Lockdown Day in the Life of…

A Lockdown Day in the Life of

the Birthday Girl… Katy!


Behind the scene of the Birthday Queen. I’ll tell you by photos as I can’t remember what I did yesterday!

QUEEN OF THE SELFIE! I am so well known to insist on a photo being taken at every eventuality… but, it’s my memory. If there isn’t a photo of it, then it didn’t happen as I won’t remember it anyway. I even look at ones from last week and think oh YES! That was a lovely day. It just reminds you of the fun you have even if you ruin the fun by insisting on taking a photo! I LOVE selfies BUT I’m always the one at the front taking it!

Family selfie, WW3 to ensue when children find out this is on here!

HOW OLD?  The best thing about being my age – I can’t remember how old I am! I thought I was already 52… turns out I’m not 52 til tomorrow!! So I’m looking on this year as a BONUS year. An extra year that has been gifted to me and will be extra special. Here’s hoping.

WHAT’S ON MY LIST?… a pair of +2 glasses. I’m now becoming extremely short sighted. Or is it long sighted I can never remember. The one where you can’t focus on close up stuff? Anyway, it’s brilliant because you never see any lines or wrinkles on your own face because they are either masked by glasses or you can’t see them when you take them off. It’s only when you see photos of yourself or see yourself in HD on TV… why was that ever invented? Why spoil a good thing?


DAILY EXERCISE?  was all well and good until I herniated a disc. My daily exercise was exchanged for daily doses of DRUGS and the dog having to be walked by other family members. Gone were the bunny hops with Joe Wicks and I was a very unhappy bunny indeed. Sciatic pain is very unpleasant and 3 months of it is no joke but I’ve finally got a date next week to have a squirt of steroid injected so fingers crossed! I will be back on the horse so to speak in no time.

Mara on our lovely daily walk, can’t wait!


Best Binge Watch – choose a rainy Sunday… “Afterlife“. Amazing. Sad. Must watch *****

Absolutely loved the one where the two Northern Irish teenagers shagged all the time – really amazing, awkward to watch with teens in the house but amazing acting! Cant’ remember the name – Normal Lives I think!

Quite liked “Little Fires Everywhere”. Weird, but very watchable.

CURRENTLY WATCHING  “The Fall”… Jamie Dornan is very easy on the eye but I just can’t warm to a serial killer… thought it was finally over when low and behold there’s another series that I didn’t know about! AAAGGGHHH more freaked out sleepless nights to come. The problem with it, is that the acting is SO good (apart from something dreadful has happened to Stella’s voice) the whole thing is so watchable although I tend to watch it through my fingers or with my laptop on my knee balancing the accounts at the same time!

Erm, not sure how I feel about him being a serial killer now!



BEST LOCKDOWN PURCHASE  by far has been our HOT TUB… it was a bargain purchase from eBay – seller said the hole in it was only apparent when it wasn’t full of water otherwise, it works fine… hilarious buying a hot tub with a hole but he was right! It works, it’s been used a lot, it’s probably costing us a small fortune to heat… (I’m bathing in blind ignorance) wallowing in chlorine!


TEENAGERS!  Having a student loan that isn’t being spent on going out and travel, results in Amazon delivering EVERYDAY. Literally not a day goes by without a knock on the door by poor Brian our postie. But you know what they say… a parcel a day keeps the doctor away!

Student Loan in a box!


BLUETOOTH toothbrush! You couldn’t make it up! In my day, if your teeth were blue it was because you’d had to use one of those tablets to check where you’d missed cleaning. If you walk past our house on a night, the buzzing is not what you think! We’ve all switched to electric toothbrushes. But only the one with the student loan has the all singing all dancing one.  Bluetooth, timer, lights, music… Jealous, me?


BEST ADVICE EVER!  Don’t put the light on in the bathroom! When you wake up and look in the bathroom mirror – don’t have a great bright light over your head… instead dim them or better still don’t put them on and providing you get up in daylight, just have the sun streaming through the window giving lovely ambient hues! I even get dressed in dim light – honestly, it makes EVERYTHING look better. I look amazing for my age! That’s because I’ve never really seen myself properly for years!

Life looks better in black and white… in the morning!


DRUGS – obviously I have a zero tolerance to recreational drugs especially where my children are concerned, however I have discovered being on a cocktail of painkillers and nerve agents or whatever the terminology is for the prescriptive drugs I am on! At last, the pain is more tolerant and I can get away with anything! Hysterical laughter for no apparent reason. My phone is FULL of selfies I don’t remember taking. Mix that with espresso martinis or GIN! Life is great!



have been the saviour of my marriage. I had a moment this week when I hadn’t been wearing one for a while – probably in the HOT TUB! But suddenly I was talking in tongues mixed with hysterical hypotheses – then went on to have a massive row with the surprised hubby who remained silent throughout! Then I cried because No.1 son left for Uni… (probably would have cried anyway), then proceeded to cry at EVERYTHING for the rest of the day until I realised what was missing was a little patch of HRT that brings calm and normality to life. AAAARGH… BISTO – they should so bring out a range!


Daily Zooming has been mostly from the comfort of my sofa, lying down to ease the sciatica! However, my Zoom preparations have gone from racing round the house looking for more eyeliner and lippy and being in the Zoom host’s waiting room for half an hour before just to make sure I got the right link and testing the signal etc. to being lucky if I remember to join on the right day at the right time and even more lucky if I’m dressed appropriately! I’ve become a bit lazy as I soon realised all people are focussed on is the bookshelf behind, the wallpaper or the photos, the lampshades or the colour of the wall – literally they don’t even look at you!

Beautiful pics! Blurry but Beautiful 😉


Switch to paperless banking

Become a Kardashian

Watch Season 3 of The Fall

Eat Less Chocolate

Remember to order my prescriptions!

Keep taking the pills!

Be as popular as my daughter

Be as beguiling as my son

Be more thankful for the little things

(especially for my +2 glasses so I can read the little things! )


Who knows what mysteries this year will bring…


Life in Lockdown



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We are what we eat


Here are a few tasty ingredients for a quick & easy meal that will give you lots of the vitamins you need so you will always ‘Look Healthy & Stay Healthy’

Salmon fillets – Vitamin D & Omega 3

Garlic – anti-inflammatory, strengthens immune system, cancer prevention

Olive Oil – change to Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Reduces risk of heart disease

Fresh Chopped Tomatoes – Vitamin C, Vitamin K

Finely Chopped Basil – Cleanses the skin from within


It is often recommended that you drink eight glasses of water per day. Here are some well researched facts about the health benefits of drinking water regularly.

Top 10 reasons for drinking water

However, it is also widely believed that infusing water with fresh fruit and vegetables also has health benefits. Popular combinations are: Cucumber & mint or Lemon & ginger for detox and weight loss. It is also believed to aid digestion, boost immune system and is good for the skin!

Click here for more info

Applying sun cream to protect your skin from UV rays will give you the best defence against premature ageing and skin pigmentation. If you apply Tancream every day, your skin will have a gradual natural glow whilst allowing your skin to breathe and is full of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients and enriched with conditioners to give a velvet soft finish.

Tancream ingredients:

Aqua, Dibutyl Adipate, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Diethylamino Hydroxybenzoyl Hexyl Benzoate, Dihydroxyacetone, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Distearyldimonium Chloride, Butylene Glycol, Octocrylene, Caramel, Troxerutin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Lecithin, Ethylhexylglycerin, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Hydroxide, Bis-PEG/PPG-20/5 PEG/PPG-20/5 Dimethicone, Methoxy PEG/PPG-25/4 Dimethicone.

A blend of Organic Sunscreens, Anti-oxidants, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Ageing

Getting the best out of your skin from the outside-in!


Follow us @tancreamworld


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Your Guide to Safely Tanning with a Tattoo


      Your Guide to Safely Tanning

      With a Tattoo



We all love to feel the warm rays on our skin, but it’s so important to protect our skin, especially if you have a tattoo as your skin is more sensitive & needs lots of TLC.

SPF is Key

This should go without saying, but you should be wearing SPF every single day, whether you have tattoos or not. UV rays fade will your tattoos faster, but the key takeaway here is that sun exposure can also cause skin cancer (including deadly melanomas). Inked or not, protect any area of skin that is not covered by clothing by wearing SPF 30 or higher.

Tanning Beds

Indoor tanning beds (sunbeds) are more damaging than the sun. The ultraviolet rays are much more concentrated, and people tend to overexpose themselves on them not realizing just how strong the rays are. Burning the skin damages a tattoo even more than slowly tanning out in the sun. DO NOT USE THEM

Everyday Exposure

Even if you are not laying on a sun lounger you are being exposed to more sun than you think. travelling with the windows down in your car or running errands outside expose you to the sun’s rays. Using SPF every day is important to protect your skin from signs of aging, but it also keeps your tattoo looking new longer.

Brand New Tattoos

Keep your tattoo covered or shaded with clothing for the first few weeks. You can use SPF once your tattoo has finished peeling and has grown its first protective layer of skin. A tattoo is usually considered well-healed after about 3 months.


Luckily, self-tanner is a safe option to achieve a golden glow if you have a healed tattoo. If your tattoo is completely healed, you can apply lotion or tanner to it like you would other parts of your body.

Do not Be a Gambler

Your tattoo is an investment, so don’t take a gamble by not properly caring for it. It only takes a little effort and time to either cover up or safeguard your tattoo with sunscreen. Proper care can keep a tattoo looking vibrant for years to come, meaning you will not have to go back for constant touch-ups.

Here you have the perfect all-in-one solution

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by Gillian Robson


Be skin savvy during lockdown & know your own skin

Its melanoma month & we are in lockdown so it’s the perfect time to get to know your skin. If you have any concerns at all about anything that does not look quite right on your skin, then here is my story & my guide as to what to do during lockdown.

My story   

My first mole appeared on the back of my left leg at the base of my thigh – I first noticed a slight mark & within days it had got darker & within ten days it became irregular & even darker. My gut instinct kicked in. I knew it didn’t look right so I took myself off to the GP who immediately fast tracked me. Within a few days I was in hospital, had it checked by a dermatologist & it was removed there & then!


We are SO LUCKY to have such an amazing NHS system

I got my results within about 10 days. A day I will never forget as I walked in to see the consultant only to be faced with a MacMillan nurse when they told me the devastating news. None of us want to hear the word ‘Cancer’ but yes it was an aggressive form of Malignant melanoma (Skin cancer) I had to have more surgery to remove more skin, this was the most horrendous & terrifying time.

Having to wait for the results to see if it had gone any deeper than 6mm below the surface as this would go into my bones & blood stream.


It is so frightening to think if this happens, it spreads rapidly & in most cases can be fatal. Thankfully mine was contained in that area & had not spread, what a relief that was! However, 2 months later when I started with back pain the rollercoaster started again. They rushed me in to have some bone scans & blood tests as they were worried it had escaped them – the NHS are incredible – I was fast tracked to have all the tests, then a wait for 2 weeks for the results seemed like forever, & my life was on hold! I was determined to remain positive & that this wasn’t going to take me away from my family. Something that I learnt from my aunty who died when I was 12, she taught me lots of values in life but most of all to keep smiling & stay positive. Something she did so well during her last few months of her life as she hid her pain from me & that has given me strength to get through anything. The next two weeks were all a bit of a blur really, but the call came to say I was all clear of any signs that the cancer had spread.


My new life began – I was determined to make others understand why it is so important to wear sun protection. I felt guilty that I had used sunbeds, sun bathed with little sun cream on – something that so many of us did as we didn’t know the reality behind the harmful UV rays that the sun did to our skin & how bad sunbeds really are. Now I was paying the price for it all as I now live with skin cancer. I have had 14 lesions removed over the years; BCC’s, SCC’s all caught in time as I now know what I’m looking for.



Knowing your own skin & any changes is so important. My number one tip would be to photograph all your skin areas. Take them in good lighting & get your partner to take photos of your back & back of the legs – these are the most common areas to get issues as they are the places we miss when applying sun protection.

If there are certain moles or skin issues that your gut feeling makes you feel uneasy then pay more attention to them. Watch those closely every day & take photos (make sure they are taken in the same lighting as previous ones & the same angle). Measure the diameter over a few days if they change then get them checked out – at the moment due to COVID none of us want to have face to face appointments – so give your GP a call, explain exactly how its changed & that you have photos. Offer to send them over via email so they can send them direct to the dermatology department & they can look at them more closely – if there are any concerns then they will tell you the next steps.

Early detection in any cancer is key & skin cancer can affect all skin types


Skin cancer is predicted to be the most common cancer by 2024, 86% is preventable if we wear sun protection. Our skin is the largest organ in our body so we must look after it. If there was a cream that we could apply to prevent breast cancer would you wear it?

It is estimated to cost the NHS 180 million this year so let us start saving them money & looking after our skin.

This is one of mine I had removed from my face in August 2019

Here are a few guides so you know what to look for

I also have some more information I can share with you from MelanomaMe a charity in the North East that support patients and families experiencing skin cancer. Kerry the founder has also had skin cancer so knows only too well how important it is to talk & share your experiences.

Do contact me if you would like their booklet.

This image shows the signs of ageing – most ageing is caused by the sun – so protect it by wearing sun protection.

Wearing sun protection every day even through cloud is so important – this shows your skin through a UV light – It just shows the protection when wearing sun cream.

I still love being outside and feel so much more confident knowing that I not only know my skin but I can protect it & still have a tan. TANCREAM is the perfect way of tanning safely & loving my skin. It has SPF50 & a 5 Star UVA sun protection. I can use it every day as a daily moisturiser for the face & body so perfect for all year-round skin care wherever I am & whatever I am doing. It has an instant bronzer which is a great guide to application & a natural gradual self-tan that develops after 2-3 hours, so I don’t need any other products.


             Its also multi award winning, just recently winning the beauty shortlist award for Innovation


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How the Tancream team made it on Dragons’ Den

What may look like 10 minutes of footage actually comprises two hours of interrogation – just ask the Tancream team.

Founders Gillian Robson and Katy Foxcroft appeared on Dragons’ Den in summer 2019, two years after founding their luxury self-tanning skincare product. Their aim was simple: to secure a £75,000 investment in exchange for a 10 per cent stake in the business.

What is it really like in the Dragons’ Den studio?

“What you see on television is nothing compared to what goes on in the studio,” says Katy Foxcroft, who heads up business development. “We were in there for two hours fielding their questions.”

Said questions were no easy task for the dynamic duo, who faced a grilling over their branding and price point. In particular, luxury fashion tycoon Touker Suleyman had concerns over the product packaging, while tech entrepreneur Peter Jones had some issues with the pricing.

The interview was no match for Gillian and Katy’s quick thinking, however. In response to the dragons’ concerns over pricing, they offered a detailed insight into the quality of the product. Specifically, with its premium range ingredients, combined with a unique formula that blends two formerly incompatible products, Tancream sits firmly within the luxury skincare market.

Winning over the team

Gillian and Katy’s pitch was supported by a live demonstration of Tancream’s sun protection qualities. With the help of two models – one wearing the tan lotion and one without – they demonstrated the strength of the sun protection as soon as it was applied.

This live demonstration was enough to convince Deborah Meaden and newcomer Sara Davies to try it themselves. Under UV lighting, they could immediately see the sun protection benefits, displayed by dark patches on the screen. Craft supply company founder Sara was particularly impressed, noting how she herself had experienced serious damage to her skin in the past.

A triple threat

Bowled over by the uniqueness of the product and the ladies’ bubbly personalities, three dragons stepped up to offer the pair their investment. First up was Sara Davies, who was keen to push the product on television, with an offer of £75,000 for 40 per cent equity.

Next was Peter Jones, who saw the potential for Tancream to go global. He undercut the newcomer’s offer with a 25 per cent offer. However, on his tail was Touker Suleyman who, on the proviso of a few branding changes, made the ladies an offer.

Mr Suleyman offered just half of the money in exchange for 12.5 per cent of the business and suggested that Mrs Davies match his offer.

Sara Davies and Touker Suleyman consider their investment carefully
Sara Davies and Touker Suleyman consider their investment carefully

The decision

Astounded by their feedback, Gillian and Katy opted for the joint proposal and walked away with a £75,000 investment.

Since appearing on Dragons’ Den, Tancream has gone from strength to strength. It’s won multiple awards and appeared in the national press, from The Telegraph to Cosmo.

None of this would have been possible without the dragons – but this is just the beginning.

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Tancream: the ultimate safe way to tan

Built on innovation and a passion for healthy living, Tancream is a revolution in the self-tanning industry. After co-founder Gillian Robson was diagnosed with melanoma, she sought a solution that would keep her skin safe and simplify her beauty regime.

Gillian soon discovered that no such product was available. She teamed up with York-based business development specialist Katy Foxcroft to bring the idea to market, and Tancream was born.

The skincare challenge

Gillian and Katy knew their product would have to meet a strict set of requirements. It would need to provide a high sun protection factor, whilst promoting a gradual bronzing effect and nourishing the skin.

They were led to Dr Jack Ferguson BSC PhD, an independent cosmetics consultant. As a specialist in sun protection and anti-ageing skincare, he worked alongside skincare formulation expert Jo Warren BSC Hons.

Why self-tan and SPF had never been tried before

Based on Gillian’s recommendations for skin cancer patients, the formula would need to offer a sun protection factor of 50. The reason no dermatology experts had ever attempted this comes down to the chemistry.

Quite simply, the core ingredients of self-tanning lotions have an incompatible pH (acidity/alkalinity level) with SPF products. This led to an intensive two-year research period, with the aim of creating a product that not only balanced these levels, but was easy to apply.

The end result

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was all worth it. The product was a hit, and was stocked in three retailers after its first production run.

UVB and UVA protection

The patent-pending formula offers SPF 50 and Ultra UVA 5-star protection. SPF refers to sun protection factor, which is a measure of how well a product can protect users against the sun’s UVB rays. UVB rays can cause sunburn and skin discoloration, but are not as powerful as UVA rays.

A 5-star UVA rating provides maximum protection against UVA rays, the leading cause of skin cancer as well as wrinkles. These rays are more dangerous as we often cannot feel the damage they are doing to our skin. They can also penetrate deeper than UVB rays, including through glass.

A gradual tan with colour correction

Tancream works gradually thanks to its self-tan accelerating agents and bronzing tints. This helps to smooth out any areas of discoloration on the skin, perhaps caused by sunburn or ageing. With a non-streaking, fragrance free formula that’s easy to apply, it creates an even film with a long-lasting, healthy glow.

Anti-ageing and antioxidants

With its sun protection properties, Tancream protects against premature wrinkles and dry skin. Enriched with antioxidants, it naturally slows cell damage caused by external factors like the sun. Not only will it make you look great, you’ll feel fabulous too.