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Women can experience different skin changes during perimenopause & the menopause which increases the chance of getting wrinkles.

Menopause & sun protection

Sun protection is a must for all skin types as part of your daily skin care, the younger you start using it the better quality your skin will be as you age.

Tancream gives you HIGH protection with SPF50 (the SPF prevents burning) with an ULTRA 5-star UVA protection (prevents premature ageing)

The drop in oestrogen causes lack of collagen production, which slows down as we age. Women in menopause lose 30% of their collagen in the first five years it then decreases around 2% per year.

The skin becomes thin & has a saggy appearance so we need to try and increase collagen production.


Menopause & the best products to use

Two great products are:-

Tancream daily moisturiser with SPF50, 5-star UV, instant bronzer & a natural graduals self-tan for face & body


The skin is also much more susceptible to sun damage so wearing an SPF 50 as part of your daily morning moisturiser is essential. Tancream is the perfect product, it not only gives you SPF 50, 5 star UVA sun protection but it also gives you an instant colour on application which evens out the skin tone & a natural gradual self-tan that leaves you with a healthy glow.

                Deborah Hirzel Classic Miss British Isles has worn SPF 50 for 20 years and says it has definitely helped her skin – she now uses Tancream to give her the protection & the glow.


NeoStrata skincare available through Aesthetic clinics:


The NeoStrata® ranges are designed to be the optimal combinations of potent anti-ageing skincare ingredients to address the multitude of skin conditions and ageing issues that we encounter in our daily lives.

NEOSTRATA® dermatologist grade formulas contain clinically-proven ingredients to help improve specific skin conditions and visible signs of ageing. The result of over 30 years of research and skincare science innovation, ensures that the products work synergistically to deliver optimal skin health.


For information on the topic there are some great recorded videos on Harley Street Emporium’s instagram page which covers the topic with specialists and doctors.


Menopause & exercise

Exercise is also very important for skin health as it trains muscle development which stimulates collagen production. It also prevents atrophy which causes skin sagging – try Nina Lancaster Busy Women Fitness on Facebook she has a wide range of different classes to join as well as Pilates and sofa workouts.

Nina is in the same age bracket, so you will see how amazing she looks, she is a great motivator & full of energy & passion.

‘I love using Tancream as my daily moisturiser, my days of exercise vary from training inside & outside so I know that I don’t need to worry about my skin. I have peace of mind that I’m always protected & I don’t need to use make up as Tancream also gives me a lovely glow’ Nina Lancaster

A good healthy diet is so important to ensure you get the Vitamins you need to boost your immune system which in effect looks after you from the inside. Please see our blog on “We are what we eat” here.


Do not forget to do your face workouts as well as your body. This book by Nadira Persaud is a great guide & is available from Amazon. Nadira is a professional make- up artist in London & works with lots of celebrities – she uses Tancream as a base for her clients before applying make-up.


Menopause & Oily skin

This menopause skin change occurs because oestrogen levels decrease and natural testosterone levels are no longer masked. This imbalance causes the testosterone hormone in our bodies to stimulate extra oil production.

If you do have a menopause skin change to oily skin, it is not all bad – women with oily skin don’t get as many wrinkles.

If you experience oily skin, you may also experience menopause acne which typically occurs because, when oestrogen levels drop, androgen levels remain the same. Tancream is perfect as it allows the skin to breathe & protects your skin – it is also Dermatology endorsed & clinically proven to prevent premature ageing.


Read some of our customer testimonials here:


Menopause & Sensitive skin

Menopause and sensitive skin can suddenly occur, reduced oestrogen levels are linked to high pH levels which cause skin sensitivity.

Make sure you moisturise regular with a non-fragranced product and one that allows your skin to breathe.

 Tancream is the perfect product to use as it is fragrance free and glides easily on the skin


Menopause & dry skin

This occurs because of the oestrogen levels dropping which decreases collagen production and an increase in pH levels.

Low collagen levels mean that our skin won’t produce as much natural oil, so it will become dry and flaky.

Tancream is the perfect product to use as a daily moisturiser as it is very hydrating, scientifically proven & dermatology endorsed

‘You are in charge of your face & body from the inside out’


‘Always wear an SPF in your daily skin care to stay forever young & use Tancream as your daily moisturiser.’