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Tancream and skin conditions


Wearing SPF50 daily is so important for most skin issues as the UV rays flare up & enhance them. That’s where Tancream comes in handy as your daily morning moisturiser as its not just an SPF50 it has a 5 star UVA sun protection in there so its gives you the best defence.  It has an instant bronzer that evens out the skin tone and a natural gradual self tan that leaves you with a healthy glow. It also has a very hydrating moisturiser which leaves your skin silky smooth.

We have had some great reviews from people with different skin issues…


The sun causes a flare-up of rosacea so dermatologists recommend wearing  SPF every day even on cloudy days. We have had great reviews from people with different skin issues using Tancream as it evens out the skin tone & reduces the redness.



Thank you Elaine for a lovely review 

I have been using Tancream for 3 day’s now and I’m so happy with the results already.  I suffer with really bad hyperpigmentation and rosacea, my face varies from pale white to really dark and finding a foundation has always been a nightmare. The summer months have always been the worse as it brings my pigment out. I use SPF 50 all year round because of my condition, but I can’t believe the difference Tancream has made to me already. It evens out all my different skin tones, I already feel less anxious about people looking at me and I know it’s going to get even better the longer I use it. My neck has always been white which makes my chest and face look worse, it’s already evened it all out, even the redness around my nose too. I’m so happy to have found this product so wanted to say thank you.”



This is when the skin has darker patches caused from excess melanin which you get from the sun.  These include age/sun-spots & melasma. This can be linked to hormonal changes in the body or other types can occur after an injury or skin inflammation such as cuts, burns or acne which can occur anywhere on your body. To avoid it or prevent it getting worse, sun protection is vitally important.

 “I suffer from dark pigmentation on my face. I normally have to wear a lot of foundation to cover it. I’m also very self conscious about it. Tried Tancream after reading a great review and I’m more than impressed. It’s amazing. So easy to put on, no odour, no sticky feeling and the result is fantastic. First time in years my skin has not been clogged up with make-up plus the added protection of factor 50 sunscreen. I’m so happy” 

Claire Morse


Lupus – is a chronic auto-immune condition that can cause inflammation throughout the body, this causes photosensitivity which means they are sensitive to sunlight & UV radiation so it is important to always wear SPF.


“I have lupus and connective tissue disease and like many other sufferers of these conditions I found the sunlight caused a flare of symptoms. One of the symptoms I got was a prominent red rash on my neck every time I went out in sunlight with my neck exposed.

Additionally, like many lupus sufferers I was put on a medication called Azathioprine or Imuran and it is essential to protect your skin from exposure to sunlight when on it.

I was miserable at being covered up with clothing or high UV protection products because I used to look and feel much better with a nice tan.

When I discovered Tancream I was really delighted… I got the high protection from the sunlight I needed plus a really nice colour – my rash has completely gone as a result of using Tancream and I know other lupus sufferers would love to know about it.”

Kim, Ireland


Vitiligo is a long term skin condition that causes patchy pigmented skin which often originates on areas exposed to the sun, so it is important to wear SPF every day. Unprotected vitiligo skin is highly likely to burn quickly as it does not contain melanin. Sun exposure might stimulate the vitiligo to spread in some people.


“Tancream has given my daughter the confidence to go out without tights – as a nurse I have tried everything for her but Tancream is just amazing it not only gives her sun protection but it evens out her skin tone as well, she is now using it every day as a daily face & body moisturiser – its great to see her love the skin she’s in.

Thank you for developing such a fabulous product.”

Jane, North Yorkshire

Eczema & Dermatitis

Eczema is sometimes called atopic dermatitis, which is the most common form. ‘Atopic’ refers to an allergy, people with eczema often have allergies or asthma along with itchy red skin.

“I was a bit apprehensive to try yet another product but a friend had recommended Tancream to me that has the same skin issue as me.  I applied it to my legs & even with just one application I could see the difference then after two I loved it. In fact it not only evened out my skin tone, it took away a lot of redness & itching. I’m hooked & now use it every day, all over my body even on my face. It has given me so much confidence I even wore shorts in the UK which I’ve never done before”.

Jo,  Norfolk

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by Gillian Robson


Be skin savvy during lockdown & know your own skin

Its melanoma month & we are in lockdown so it’s the perfect time to get to know your skin. If you have any concerns at all about anything that does not look quite right on your skin, then here is my story & my guide as to what to do during lockdown.

My story   

My first mole appeared on the back of my left leg at the base of my thigh – I first noticed a slight mark & within days it had got darker & within ten days it became irregular & even darker. My gut instinct kicked in. I knew it didn’t look right so I took myself off to the GP who immediately fast tracked me. Within a few days I was in hospital, had it checked by a dermatologist & it was removed there & then!


We are SO LUCKY to have such an amazing NHS system

I got my results within about 10 days. A day I will never forget as I walked in to see the consultant only to be faced with a MacMillan nurse when they told me the devastating news. None of us want to hear the word ‘Cancer’ but yes it was an aggressive form of Malignant melanoma (Skin cancer) I had to have more surgery to remove more skin, this was the most horrendous & terrifying time.

Having to wait for the results to see if it had gone any deeper than 6mm below the surface as this would go into my bones & blood stream.


It is so frightening to think if this happens, it spreads rapidly & in most cases can be fatal. Thankfully mine was contained in that area & had not spread, what a relief that was! However, 2 months later when I started with back pain the rollercoaster started again. They rushed me in to have some bone scans & blood tests as they were worried it had escaped them – the NHS are incredible – I was fast tracked to have all the tests, then a wait for 2 weeks for the results seemed like forever, & my life was on hold! I was determined to remain positive & that this wasn’t going to take me away from my family. Something that I learnt from my aunty who died when I was 12, she taught me lots of values in life but most of all to keep smiling & stay positive. Something she did so well during her last few months of her life as she hid her pain from me & that has given me strength to get through anything. The next two weeks were all a bit of a blur really, but the call came to say I was all clear of any signs that the cancer had spread.


My new life began – I was determined to make others understand why it is so important to wear sun protection. I felt guilty that I had used sunbeds, sun bathed with little sun cream on – something that so many of us did as we didn’t know the reality behind the harmful UV rays that the sun did to our skin & how bad sunbeds really are. Now I was paying the price for it all as I now live with skin cancer. I have had 14 lesions removed over the years; BCC’s, SCC’s all caught in time as I now know what I’m looking for.



Knowing your own skin & any changes is so important. My number one tip would be to photograph all your skin areas. Take them in good lighting & get your partner to take photos of your back & back of the legs – these are the most common areas to get issues as they are the places we miss when applying sun protection.

If there are certain moles or skin issues that your gut feeling makes you feel uneasy then pay more attention to them. Watch those closely every day & take photos (make sure they are taken in the same lighting as previous ones & the same angle). Measure the diameter over a few days if they change then get them checked out – at the moment due to COVID none of us want to have face to face appointments – so give your GP a call, explain exactly how its changed & that you have photos. Offer to send them over via email so they can send them direct to the dermatology department & they can look at them more closely – if there are any concerns then they will tell you the next steps.

Early detection in any cancer is key & skin cancer can affect all skin types


Skin cancer is predicted to be the most common cancer by 2024, 86% is preventable if we wear sun protection. Our skin is the largest organ in our body so we must look after it. If there was a cream that we could apply to prevent breast cancer would you wear it?

It is estimated to cost the NHS 180 million this year so let us start saving them money & looking after our skin.

This is one of mine I had removed from my face in August 2019

Here are a few guides so you know what to look for

I also have some more information I can share with you from MelanomaMe a charity in the North East that support patients and families experiencing skin cancer. Kerry the founder has also had skin cancer so knows only too well how important it is to talk & share your experiences.

Do contact me if you would like their booklet.

This image shows the signs of ageing – most ageing is caused by the sun – so protect it by wearing sun protection.

Wearing sun protection every day even through cloud is so important – this shows your skin through a UV light – It just shows the protection when wearing sun cream.

I still love being outside and feel so much more confident knowing that I not only know my skin but I can protect it & still have a tan. TANCREAM is the perfect way of tanning safely & loving my skin. It has SPF50 & a 5 Star UVA sun protection. I can use it every day as a daily moisturiser for the face & body so perfect for all year-round skin care wherever I am & whatever I am doing. It has an instant bronzer which is a great guide to application & a natural gradual self-tan that develops after 2-3 hours, so I don’t need any other products.


             Its also multi award winning, just recently winning the beauty shortlist award for Innovation